One of five St. Newman scholarships goes to Grecia Nunez-Palomares

Jun 15, 2023
St. Newman scholar Grecia Nunez-Palomares (Courtesy photo)
St. Newman scholar Grecia Nunez-Palomares (Courtesy photo)

Grecia Nunez-Palomares is one of five high school seniors to earn Newman University’s most prestigious scholarship, the St. Newman Scholarship, which offers full tuition renewable for four years.  

“Newman is a good fit for me because they have the majors I want and is a small community compared to other colleges,” she said. “I want that one-on-one conversation with my professors.” 

When she begins her studies this fall, Nunez-Palomares will pursue a path to the health care field. Right now, she’s torn between becoming a pharmacist or a medical lab scientist but knows Newman will guide her to success regardless of which one she chooses. 

“Newman has great science programs and great staff, labs and research teams,” she said. “[I’m excited to] continue my studies here, join clubs, meet new people, contribute, grow and, most importantly, impact others to do the same.”

Even as a high school student at USD 259, Nunez-Palomares made her mark on others as she worked on a vision awareness project. 

“My inspiration arose when vision screenings took place in my high school and many students failed but did nothing to take the next step,” she said.

“As a result, it was concluded that many students come from low-income backgrounds, which affects their ability to take the next step. I want to be able to help and guide these students and families that don’t know or understand the importance of comprehensive eye exams.”

I’m excited to continue my studies here, join clubs, meet new people, contribute, grow and, most importantly, impact others to do the same.

Grecia Nunez-Palomares, St. Newman scholar

Nunez-Palomares created brochures highlighting important organizations, sponsors and resources that school nurses can share with families. 

“Being able to help a student receive glasses and improve their learning skills in class and outside of class is what the purpose of my senior project is,” she said. “I want to empower and give low-income families a chance at receiving eye health care when they don’t have access to health insurance.”

Through the process, Nunez-Palomares learned how to conduct spot screenings and helped the students find their prescriptions to get glasses. 

“A student’s eye health matters, and with the help of my mentor, I was able to provide over 600 cards and resources to different USD 259 high schools,” she explained. “I always like to tell people that our eyes are the window to the world, which can make black and white look as wonderful as if it were in color.”

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