Former baseball student-athlete finds career in college athletics

Jun 27, 2022
Samuel Hersh, 2018 Newman University alumnus

Alumnus Samuel Hersh ’18 was recently promoted to associate director of NCAA compliance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

As a Newman University student, Hersh studied sports communication with the intent of spending his professional career in the sports industry.

After graduating from Newman, Hersh earned his master’s degree in urban leadership from UNLV. He initially worked in the compliance department as a graduate assistant and has continued working there in a full-time capacity since November 2020.

“My work team has made my job a blast,” Hersh said. “I’ve grown tremendously in the last three years, and I owe a lot of that to them.”

A major part of his job is interpreting NCAA legislation.

“I really enjoy the challenge of helping our coaches and student-athletes win within the rules,” Hersh said. “Seeing our student-athletes succeed personally, academically and athletically is extremely rewarding.”

Supported by his Newman team

Hersh, a Wichita native, graduated from Newman with a bachelor’s degree, as well as a pre-law minor. He felt his pre-law courses challenged him and introduced him to a new way of thinking that he still uses daily.

Hersh also played baseball at Newman. He was even named a Heartland Pitcher of the Week in 2017. Hersh also served as a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at Newman, which sparked his interest in working at the NCAA level.

Alumnus Samuel Hersh '18 was recently promoted to associate director of NCAA compliance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
Samuel Hersh played baseball for the Newman University Jets during his undergraduate years.

Additionally, he participated in volunteer activities with the Ronald McDonald House and League 42, as well as coached summer baseball in the Wichita area at both the high school and college levels.

Throughout Hersh’s time at Newman, Assistant Dean for Arts and Sciences and Director of Navigator Audrey Hane served as his professor for a number of classes and made a big impact.

Hersh said, “(Dr. Hane) understood the unique challenges of being a student-athlete, and her efforts played a significant role in my success at Newman.”

To Hane, the feeling is mutual. She recalls that Hersh used his networking skills as an athlete to secure an internship with Newman Athletics.

“As an intern, he gained valuable experience in the compliance area which strengthened his graduate school application,” Hane said. “This experience is just one of many reasons I was confident that Samuel would excel in the world of athletic administration.”

Trained to aim big

In the future, Hersh hopes to add another degree to his resume, perhaps a Juris Doctorate or a Doctor of Education, and become a director of athletics at the NCAA Division 1 level.

“In my pursuit of that, I strive every day to grow into an experienced college athletics administrator,” he said. “It is a goal of mine to leave the office happy every day and to make a difference in the lives of others around me.”

Hane has the utmost faith in Hersh’s future as a leader in the athletic world.

“He’s a rising star and makes our department proud,” Hane said.

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