St. Newman scholar Aiden Rea excited to ’embrace Newman’s mission’

Jul 10, 2023
Aiden Rea, St. Newman scholar (Courtesy photo)
Aiden Rea, St. Newman scholar (Courtesy photo)

Aiden Rea of Topeka, Kansas, was at a baseball practice when he learned he was one of the 2023 St. Newman Scholarship recipients

The St. Newman Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship at Newman University and offers four years of full tuition to just five first-year students. Rea was honored and surprised to learn he received Newman’s top scholarship.

“I was talking to my coaches and then I got the phone call,” Rea said. “When I came back in, the first person I told was my baseball coach and he was like, ‘That’s awesome. Don’t worry about the rest of the practice. Go home, see your parents and tell them.’ So it was really good.”

In his scholarship essay, Rea reflected on the impact a person’s environment can have through Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness.”

“The author explores the way a person’s environment can affect the way in which they lead and the people around them. I plan to attend Newman University because I believe this environment can help mold me into not only a better leader but also a person that can create change in our society for the better.”

On a campus visit, Rea was inspired by a talk given by Newman President Kathleen Jagger, Ph.D., MPH. 

“She described the way in which Newman is a vessel for each student’s journey and wants to hear about how we, the students, plan on going about our life path,” Rea said. “I plan on embracing the Newman mission and Wichita community to not only expand my exposure to new people but also new opportunities.”

I believe Newman’s environment can help mold me into not only a better leader but also a person that can create change in our society for the better.

Aiden Rea, St. Newman scholar

As a student at Washburn Rural High School, Rea served as class president, National Honors Society first officer, co-founder and president of Nutrition Club and editor of the high school yearbook. He made honor roll all four years and was captain of the Washburn Rural High School football team. 

Rea hopes to continue building connections within the Newman, Wichita and greater Kansas communities as he studies business and sports management. Eventually, he plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree.

He added, “I’m excited to be a part of the Newman community and contribute to a culture we can all be proud of.”

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