Dugan Library open 24 hours a day during finals week

Dec 01, 2022
Dugan Library at Newman University
Dugan Library at Newman University

For many college students, finals week consists of sleepless nights, stress-filled studying and research papers. Thankfully, students have a safe, cozy place on campus to help make it through the final week of the semester.

The Dugan Library at Newman University is extending its hours for finals week and will be open nonstop from 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, to 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9.

In addition to comfy new furniture and several computers to choose from, the library team will also have a stash of snacks, candy, juice and freshly brewed coffee for students to grab and go throughout the long nights.

“At the library, you don’t have the distraction of your bed, Netflix or T.V.,” Library Assistant Dyana Baca explained. “You’ll still have the distraction of your phone at the library, but at least you’re at a table or desk, seeing other people studying to motivate you.”

“And if you’re struggling to stay awake, take a nap and we’ll wake you up. The library at least is a bit more reliable for waking you up than your alarm clock is,” she said with a smile.

Dyana Baca
Dyana Baca, library assistant

A weeklong event for the books

After Assistant Professor and Director of Library Services Steve Hamersky and his team received positive feedback in the past for keeping the library open for 72 hours, they decided to expand the time frame even further.

If even one student takes advantage of the library’s extended hours, it’s worth it to the library staff, Hamersky said.

Steve Hamersky (right) works with his library staff.
Steve Hamersky (right) works with his library staff.

“I enjoy doing it and interacting with the students, and the attendance proves that there’s a need for it,” he said. “We want students to study where it’s most comfortable, and the library is a central place for them to come in as a group and finish out the semester strong.”

Hamersky’s finals week advice for students is to “study hard and do the best you can.”

“We’re here to help you have a place to study,” he added.

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